Key Use Cases for DataTravel Security

HOPZERO technology can be applied to any sector

Cyber-attackers don’t discriminate.

It doesn’t matter whether you represent a financial services firm, a local municipality — or even a Healthcare network — if you’re part of an organization that safeguards data, you are vulnerable to the insidious threat of a cyber-attack.

Even if little financial gain can be had from such an attack.

Here at HOPZERO we believe the best cyber-defense is a portfolio of strategies. Both reactive systems (such as a firewall) and proactive systems (such as DataTravel™ Security) working in concert to protect your data center from bad actors.

Data Centers

HOPZERO DataTravel Security supports traditional Data Center cybersecurity architecture and adds the new ability to stop server compromise.

This common application of our patented technology is not the only way HOPZERO can keep your data safe. To learn more about how DataTravel Security can be customized for specific industries, including your own, CLICK on any of the links below.


DataTravel Security ensures control and management systems are isolated while verifying the network is protected.

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Pen Testing

Use DataTravel Security’s deep toolset to verify successful system penetration and document your client’s data leakage.

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Law Enforcement

Safeguard criminal records, digital evidence, and personnel files with DataTravel Security.

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Key takeaways from our United Naval Postgraduate School Field Experimentation.

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Could the Equifax hack have been prevented? Find out in this insightful case study.

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A Cyber Risk Assessment would have detected where the medical data was traveling.

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