HOPZERO technology can be applied to any sector

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Cyber-attackers don’t discriminate.

It doesn’t matter whether you represent a financial services firm, a local municipality — or even a Healthcare network — if you’re part of an organization that safeguards data, you are vulnerable to the insidious threat of a cyber-attack.

Even if little financial gain can be had from such an attack.

Here at HOPZERO we believe the best cyber-defense is a portfolio of strategies. Both reactive systems (such as a firewall) and proactive systems (such as Hop Limit Security) working in concert to protect your datacenter from bad actors.

To learn more about how Hop Limit Security can benefit numerous industries, including your own, CLICK on any of the links below.


Shadow of Equifax

Shadow of Equifax

Could the Equifax hack have been prevented? Find out in this insightful case study.


Health Information Compromise

Health Info Compromise

Discover how a PDF containing private health data found its way to the Internet.


Military Interagency Security

Military Interagency Security

Key takeaways from our United Naval Postgraduate School Field Experimentation.

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