Showcasing how far data can travel on a hop basis

You have every security tool in place; you have robust policies around access management and have a dedicated Security Team working 24×7, but do you know where 100% of your data is going? Your visibility tools provide some detail, but HOPZERO shows how far data can travel on a hop basis.

It is an overwhelming task to manage but is a necessity for every organization. Extending the visibility of all data travel across your entire network, however complex, and beyond your perimeter is a game changer. HOPZERO’s Visibility solution delivers a full, geographical representation of where your data is going; and defines the data exfiltration risk of every endpoint; providing the facts to allow pre-emptive control, and rapid security and forensic network information in seconds in case of a breach.

·      Maintain compliance
·      Continuous data auditing
·      Extended visibility in complex environments

Visibility Portal

HOPZERO DataTravel Security System preventing data exfiltration and alarming PHISH attempt

Watch Video Showcasing Visibility Portal

How We Do IT?



o   Using proprietary algorithms, HOPZERO passively analyzes raw network traffic to form a definitive data travel dossier for every user, device, and subnet within an organization.

o   Network Sensors determine peer communication session distance, throughput, performance, latency, and threat level.


Data Mapping

o  Showing where systems are communicating worldwide — both inside and outside the organization.


Combining exfiltration detection with next-level prevention is scientifically proven to reduce attack surface, keeping data orders of magnitude safer.

HOPZERO customers have continuous intrusion and exfiltration detection and prevention with enterprise-wide visibility of all data travel to effectively eliminate threats to your most valuable data.