Data exfiltration Prevention

HOPZERO customers have continuous intrusion and exfiltration detection and prevention with enterprise-wide visibility of all data travel to effectively eliminate threats to your most valuable data.

From Firewalls, Anti-Virus and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS); to Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Access Management and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), the cyber landscape has continuously adapted and improved, but still, we hear of daily breaches. Threat volumes and sophisticated attacks continue to plague organizations.  By limiting the distance data can travel, datacenter exfiltration can be prevented.

·       Critical private data is ALWAYS protected.
·       Vital server data cannot leave data center
·       Zero data exfiltration – zero risk from infiltration, phishing and ransomware attacks

How We Do IT?

HOPZERO creates a safe perimeter and prevents data compromise and exfiltration. We do this by limiting how far data can travel and how many devices it can reach. The Hop count or TTL for every critical server is set to a defined Sphere of Trust (datacenter or defined network segment).


1)       Create ‘Sphere of Trust™’ by limiting DataTravel on critical server communications

2)      Manage – policy algorithms allow/restrict data travel

3)      Alarm HOPZERO detects potential data compromise across your entire enterprise

4)      Block Enforces the data hop count to prevent data loss during an attack


HOPZERO DataTravel™ Auditor


Providing full control, visibility, and management of where your data is going.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Recorder

Sensors & Agents

Data collection, inspection and control
HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer

Smart Logging

Packet based auditing and forensics

Combining exfiltration detection with next-level prevention is scientifically proven to reduce attack surface, keeping data orders of magnitude safer.

How does HOPZERO DataTravel Security Work?

HOPZERO DataTravel Security System preventing data exfiltration and alarming PHISH attempt

HOPZERO prevents ransomware data exfiltration. Customers’ have continuous intrusion and exfiltration detection and blocking capabilities.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Auditor


Smart Logs improve cybersecurity compliance.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Recorder


Data is safe inside your organization’s network.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer


Actionable alarms catch cyber criminals.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer


A picture of where your data travels is worth a thousand logs.

HOPZERO customers have continuous intrusion and exfiltration detection and prevention with enterprise-wide visibility of all data travel to effectively eliminate threats to your most valuable data.