The HOPZERO System

Prevent data exfiltration beyond a safe perimeter

Is true data exfiltration prevention possible?

HOPZERO prevents data compromise by limiting how far data can travel.

First, HOPZERO detects data compromise across your entire enterprise, classifying data exfiltration as safe or unsafe, depending on the location.

Then HOPZERO prevents data exfiltration beyond a safe perimeter.

Simply put, HOPZERO limits how many devices can reach or be reached by your most sensitive servers.

HOPZERO Data Compromise Prevention Systems work in tandem with your existing IT infrastructure to hold data inside the organization when conventional security methods fail.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Auditor


Know exactly where your data is going with world-class data exfiltration visualization.
HOPZERO DataTravel™ Recorder


Our Smart Logs will greatly improve your cybersecurity standards compliance.
HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer


Keep vital data Inside your Data Center within a Sphere of Trust™ you control.

Combining exfiltration detection with next-level prevention is scientifically proven to reduce attack surface, keeping data orders of magnitude safer.

How does HOPZERO DataTravel Security Work?

HOPZERO DataTravel Security System preventing data exfiltration and alarming PHISH attempt

Using proprietary algorithms, Visualizer Portal passively analyzes raw network traffic to form a definitive data travel dossier for every user, device, and subnet within an organization. Mapping shows where systems are communicating worldwide — both inside and outside your organization.

Cryptic logs are a thing of the past, replaced by intuitive maps with one-click threat research and filters allowing both novice and expert to speed mitigation of exfiltration threats.

Network Collector determines peer communication session distance, throughput, performance, latency, and threat level. To aid data owners and security technologists, Recorder creates a dossier mapping data travel for every device in your enterprise, providing an unparalleled representation of data travel with sensory-intuitive visual mapping.

The Sphere of Trust™ Agent uses information provided by both the Portal and Collector to recommend DataTravel limits on server communications to keep data within a user-defined Sphere of Trust. Once this data is gathered and permanently recorded, Agent policy algorithms determine if communication should be blocked to an unsafe device or location.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Auditor


Smart Logs improve cybersecurity compliance.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Recorder


Data is safe inside your organization’s network.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer


Actionable alarms catch cyber criminals.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer


A picture of where your data travels is worth a thousand logs.

HOPZERO customers have continuous intrusion and exfiltration detection and prevention with enterprise-wide visibility of all data travel to effectively eliminate threats to your most valuable data.

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