Endpoint Security, Without Software

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security Can Protect Your Data


Complements existing hardware and is implemented in four basic steps by our team.


Doesn’t require massive budget commitment, nor does it require intensive upgrade to network.


Unlike other approaches that limit access or mitigate after attack, HOPZERO obviates the risk.

What is HOPZERO?

HOPZERO is an Enterprise-focused internet security company, based in Austin, Texas, founded by technical and business leaders with decades of relevant experience.

What We Do

HOPZERO’s revolutionary approach to information security precludes risk by limiting the movement of data. This offers application and network protection in a simple, elegant manner. Endpoint security implemented without requiring agents.

Everyone Knows the Status Quo

Typical cybersecurity measures rely on increasingly complex, yet hackable, firewalls to keep threats out. More likely, someone falls victim to a phishing attack allowing hackers to bypass the firewall. This stalwart device, which can cost more than a Lexus, can be rendered irrelevant by a single user clicking a link. After that mistake, the organization is reduced to mitigating damage. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) try to spot the intruder while Identity and Access Management (IAM) restricts access to limit damage.

“I do love the simplicity of this solution and its effectiveness.”

Kenneth Camp, Technology Consultant

“This is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly.”

Dr. Harry Saal, former Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Founder Network General, and Creator of the Sniffer Network Analyzer

How We’re Different

HOPZERO protects critical systems from the inside of the network. Critical systems are limited to communicating with only their neighbors. Each system gets a unique neighborhood or network hop radius that includes all required peers. HOPZERO monitors normal traffic to build these custom neighborhoods to keep unauthorized users, even those within the company, out of protected information. This protection goes beyond IDS and IPS alerts that spot an attack; HOPZERO cloaks the server, making it invisible to the attacker while sending a silent alarm to the security team telling them exactly where the attack is coming from.

Complementary Technologies

By combining firewall technology with HOPsphere Radius Security, organizations can get the best of both worlds: protection from network intruders and with a powerful back line defense. Most importantly, this approach allows enterprises to take the network security “fight” to the source — shining a spotlight on their pivot point while denying hackers even a login prompt — rather than forcing organizations to sit and “wait” until someone discovers their private information is on the Internet.

Case Studies


Could the Equifax hack have been prevented? Find out in this insightful case study.

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An Exfiltration Risk Audit would have detected where the medical data was traveling.

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Key takeaways from our United Naval Postgraduate School Field Experimentation.

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We Can Help

No matter what industry you are in, limiting network exposure to malicious hacks is a vital part of any organization’s ongoing security strategy. This includes not just traditional network devices but also IoT devices, which often have unrestricted Internet access and can leave organizations vulnerable to back-door attacks.

With HOPZERO by your side — and using an approach eWeek has branded a “real innovation in security” — you can instantly view security risks, establish a safe radius for your perimeter, and, ultimately, protect each and every one of your network devices from those who wish you harm.

Let Us Improve Your Cyber Security

To learn more about how this cutting-edge form of information security can safeguard your most precious data assets, and work seamlessly within your existing security architecture, contact us using the form below.