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High Cost of Avoiding Data Compromize – Boiling the Ocean

Boiling the Ocean ROI with HOPZERO Solution Narrative. 

Bill Alderson Offers a Cogent Analysis of Security Compliance Efforts. 

Syslogs, Packet Capture and Storage. 

Length: 44 minutes

What is HOPZERO?

Learn about the basis of HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security: hop counts. This patented, and game-changing, cyber security solution stops server compromise.

Length: 1:28 min

Data Center Exfiltration Case Study

In this video we show how the DataTravel Security System can be use to insure data never leaves the data center — thwarting pirate attacks.

Length: 1:09 min

Containment & Proactive Protection Against Data Exfiltration

Demonstration of HOPZERO DataTravel Security SaaS portal’s ability to stop exfiltration beyond an established Sphere of Trust™.

Length: 1:43 min

Nullify and Catch Phish with HOPZERO

How HOPZERO DataTravel Security can be used to not only nullify phish attempts, but catch the phishers.

Length: 1:37 min

Pentagon 9/11 17th anniversary

After 9/11, HOPZERO founder Bill Alderson was called to the Pentagon to restore military network communications.

Length: 3:25 min

ISC2 1st Online CPE Meeting on Data Containment for CISSP’s

Learn about the basis of HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security in this 2 hour  ISC2 CPE Qualifying Online Event

Email: [email protected] with CISSP# and email for CPE Credits

Length: 2 Hours

NetworkDataPedia.com Interview 

Episode Number 1.

OldCommGuy(tm) Interviews Bill Alderson on HOPZERO’s New Patented Data Containment Security System. 

Length: 38 minutes