Healthcare Secured Radius

Network Security Case Study: Healthcare Data

An Exfiltration Risk Audit would have detected where the data was traveling as it spread around the world and would have alerted the organization almost immediately.

A healthcare organization found its client Protected Health Information (PHI) data compromised for over six months after law enforcement notified them of the breach. The PHI was a PDF report that was found by search engines, making it searchable by anyone with a browser. The PDF was encrypted by SSL between the server and the user, but the data was not secured. The organization had scanners to test for PHI data as it transited to the Internet, but this PDF was inside an encrypted SSL session that the scanner was unable to detect. The breach was undetectable by protection systems. Logs showed the data exfiltrating around the US and the world.

Biomedical devices, patient portals, HIPAA databases – where is your PHI data traveling? Are you even able to track where your most important data is moving?

Now you can know not only where it is traveling but learn about to whom it’s traveling and the many risk factors about those destination devices.

Once you know who’s at the other end, you can see how much of your data is sent to and from those remote devices. Knowing response time latency and throughput helps to understand the sophistication of the far end device’s network connection and if it is an anonymous or VPN connection. HOPZERO goes a step further and provides the geographical distance and the distance in router hops (the measurement of data travel). Once router hops are known, you can make knowledgeable decisions on limiting how far data can travel to protect it – even when firewalls fail.

What if you discovered that a secure database containing HIPAA protected PHI data was communicating to potentially nefarious parties abroad? What if hospital biomedical devices monitoring patients were communicating to remote parts of the globe without explanation?

Isn’t it time to discover, visualize, and investigate where your PHI is traveling, whether directly or through partner providers?

HOPZERO DataTravel Security is the first security solution to keep data in your data center and not allow it to escape

Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Protection (IDS/IPS), Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and Identity Access Management (IAM) are all designed to keep intruders out, but data continues to be exfiltrated daily.

The prestigious Journal of American Medical Association found that “In the period from 2010-2013, more than 29 million content-rich Electronic Health Records were exposed in hospital data breaches….” Over 5.5 million records were breached in 2016 alone.

Data breaches damage an organization’s reputation, and there are substantial penalties for violating HIPAA regulations – not to mention the loss to public privacy and safety. Almost half of data breaches are caused by insider incidents. Firewalls can’t protect against insider error or wrongdoing. Data must be kept inside the data center. HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security stops data from getting out of a protected radius, no matter what the cause of the attempt.

HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security Key Features

  • Identifies where your data is going
  • Places a radius on how far data can travel
  • Enforces containment for all data
  • Hackers can’t get a session
  • Alerts when data attempts to leave the radius