When Was the Last Time You Had Something Ground-Breaking to Offer Your Clients?

We get it, it’s hard not to be cynical.

Each week brings a fresh pile of email pitches from vendors promising they have a next-gen firewall that’s guaranteed to wow your customers and prevent all future attacks.

But you have to ask: “What’s truly ‘next-gen’ about these technologies?” Aren’t they just a repackaging of the same, tired tools we’ve been using all along?

With all that noise, and not much signal, it’s easy to be skeptical.

And that’s good. We want you to be skeptical.

We’ve developed, what we believe, is a truly ground-breaking approach to network security. (Not just some “improved” version of last year’s cyber security flavor-of-the-month.)

An approach that allows you to:

  • Differentiate yourself in a crowded market
  • Reduce attack surface on key infrastructure to nearly zero
  • Establish which client machines communicate with which key servers
  • Focus on real threats instead of chasing false alarms

It’s called HOPZERO DataTravel Security.

Device exposure estimated by 2030 and distance in HOPs vastly increases

Would you rather have your datacenter reaching 40 billion devices worldwide or 100 devices within your perimeter? HOPZERO lowers attack surface, thereby improving security.

And it’s a unique endpoint security solution, designed specifically for data owners and InfoSec managers, that proactively identifies data compromises and prevents undetected exfiltration.

That’s because this state-of-the-art EPS (Exfiltration Prevention System) utilizes data proximity, not a complex set of “swiss-cheese” ACLs, to control where and who crown-jewel data servers communicate with.

And unlike many IPSs, which deliver reams of false alarms — that require their own set of AI tools to analyze — HOPZERO DataTravel Security tells you (in real-time) when your data attempts to travel beyond its established parameters. (Not after the fact, when exfiltration has already occurred.)

Still skeptical?

Good. (There’s a reason “zero trust” is the buzzword of the day.)

We’d love to have you prove us wrong. Just schedule a FREE DEMO today and you can show us how wrong we are.

Just don’t wait too long. We’d hate to hear you have been left behind by our growing list of MSSPs who’ve come to rely on HOPZERO DataTravel Security as a key component in their data security toolchest.

Thank you for your time.

We look forward to hearing from you,