What if your data could protect itself?

Firewalls focus on keeping things out.

We focus on teaching your data to stay inside your organization.

“This is a game-changing way of turning the tables on would-be attackers.” – Kerry Kelley, former CIO of US Strategic Command


How to Catch a Phish

The biggest security threats are sometimes those in your own organization.

In this video we discuss not just how to prevent sensitive data exfiltration from phishing attacks but outline strategies your organization can use to catch and kill phish entirely.

What is HOPZERO?

HOPZERO Inc., is an enterprise-focused internet security company based in Austin, Texas.

We provide security at the TCP/IP network layer, taking advantage of protocol rules to limit how far data packets can travel, ensuring sensitive data is protected when all other security measures fail.

“This is very smart. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of it before.” – Laurent Schirck, CTO, Profitap


Discover How to Protect High-Value Servers Through Data-Transmission Limits

Find out how to reduce your attack surface by 99.9% with the limiting of data-transmission ranges.

“This is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly.” – Dr. Harry Saal, Founder, Network General