Stop Server Compromise

By Limiting DataTravel

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Keep Your Data Safe

Our system stops DataTravel™ — blocking server compromise.

  • Limits server DataTravel to the data center or organization perimeter.
  • Alarms and catches phishing / ransomware attempts.
  • Smart Logs provide cogent metrics improving security evidence.
  • Maps visualization of exfiltration and attacker activities.
HOPZERO DataTravel™ Auditor


DataTravel interactive visualization with point-and-click filters with report sharing.
HOPZERO DataTravel™ Recorder


Smart Logs greatly improve cybersecurity standards compliance.
HOPZERO DataTravel™ Enforcer


Limit vital DataTravel inside a Data Center or Perimeter within a Sphere of Trust™.

DataTravel Auditor

Auditor enables rapid session data uploads, visualizing DataTravel exfiltration in minutes.

  • Security compliance Block Report providing a map of firewall data leaks.
  • Detailed Deep Security DataTravel research saving hours of security research.

DataTravel Recorder

Recorder provides unattended real-time operation for compliance standards logging and actionable exfiltration alarms. Alarms can be configured to alert central security consoles and provide actionable intelligence to catch phish and ransomware attackers.

HOPZERO DataTravel Recorder concept animation
HOPZERO DataTravel Enforcer concept animation

DataTravel Enforcer

Enforcer delivers risk-adaptive data protection by limiting DataTravel on server communications — keeping data within a Sphere of Trust™. Actionable alarms are generated to notify of any attempt to access vital data from outside the Sphere of Trust. No data is allowed to travel beyond its security policy.

Cybercriminals often stay undetected for as much as 200+ days before they actually perform an exploit. Detect their presence and eradicate them from your servers and other hosts attempting to infiltrate your servers.

Risk can be prevented with the right tools. HOPZERO has the tools and patented technology to stop server compromise.

Enterprise Security places HOPZERO in Top10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers 2020
CIO Applications puts HOPZERO inTop 25 Cybersecurity Companies 2020
govCIO Outlook places HOPZERO as Top Law Enforcement Solution Providers 2020
thumb_01_60_60Laurent Schirck

CTO, Profitap

“This is very smart. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t thought of it before.”
thumb_02_60_60 Kerry Kelley


“This is a game-changing way of turning the tables on would-be attackers.”

thumb_03_60_60Dr. Harry Saal

Founder, Network General

“This is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly.”