About Hopzero

Dedicated to Cybersecurity

Since 2016, HOPZERO has represented an entirely new way to address network security threats, Unlike the typical approach of attempting to limit access (and mitigate the devastation when the approach inevitably fails), HOPZERO limits distance. This simple, elegant approach meets the needs of network security professionals in every industry, in every size network, and with every size budget.

HOPZERO refused to accept the notion that continuously upgrading firewalls was the only protection against ever more sophisticated and determined hackers. Instead of focusing on limiting the access a hacker has to any given network, the HOPZERO technology pros simplified the approach: limit the distance any packet can travel, thereby obviating the opportunity for theft and exploitation of sensitive data.

With decades of experience in technology, finance, and operations, the HOPZERO founders have developed an ingenious, elegant approach to network security. Contact us today to learn how HOPZERO can meet your network security needs.

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