CGTN America: HOPZERO Part of “New Silicon Valley”

by | Network Security

Why do entrepreneurs choose to live in one state and not another?

Is Silicon Valley the “only” viable tech hub? Or are places such as Austin, Texas and Columbus, Ohio positioning to be major players in the next phase of technological innovation?

These are some of the questions Phil Lavelle and Luke Mines of CGTN America — a 24-hour news & current affairs channel seen in nearly 140 million homes world-wide — tackle in a series of videos that explore the movement of entrepreneurs in the United States.

In this first video Lavelle speaks to our very own Bill Alderson, at the 2:34 mark, about how the HOPZERO team decided a company “born in Silicon Valley” should be “raised in Austin.”

Then in this second video, which features Bill Alderson and his wife Kim Alderson, Lavelle and Mines examine how transplants who’ve moved from Silicon Valley to Austin have found their new base of operations beneficial, both professionally and personally.

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