Learn how to reduce attack surface by 99.9%

It is an overwhelming task and burden to know where your data is going. With HOPZERO’s Visualizer Portal you can know with absolute certainty that your data is safe in just a few minutes.

  • Upload SnapShot Audit Data
  • Exfiltration Visualization
  • Access to Continuous Network Collector Data
  • Auto send to Syslog
HOPZERO DataTravel Audit's SaaS visualization portal

Visualizer Portal Features

  • Cloud portal console
  • Rapid security audits anywhere without hardware
  • DataTravel visibility identifies firewall leaks
  • Exfiltration policy compliance assurance reports
  • Intuitive sensory visibility point and click filters
  • Validate pen testing powerful security workflow
HOPZERO’s audits and proactive security solutions allow companies to protect their private data.
Cybercriminals can stay undetected for as much as 200+ days before they actually perform an exploit. Your job is to detect their presence and eradicate them from your servers and other hosts attempting to infiltrate your servers. You need a company with the tools to help you do just that. Risk can be prevented with the right tools.