Startup Hopzero Launches Distance-Based Packet Security Service

eWeek’s Chris Preimesberger explains how Hopzero provides a new layer of security protection to complement access-based security solutions.

In networking, a hop is one portion of the path between source and its intended resting place. Data packets pass through bridges, routers and gateways as they travel between source and destination. Each time packets are passed to the next network device, a hop occurs.
Turns out one can policy and monitor such activity, and a new Austin, Texas-based startup called Hopzero is doing it with a patented cloud-based service (Hopsphere Radius Security) which controls the number of hops a packet of data is allowed to have before it drops dead in the network. Thus, if a hacker manages to worm into a system and steal files and/or other types of data, the data itself can be directed to destroy itself before it can be used.