We Help VPs & Directors of IT Identify and Nullify Phish in the Datacenter

You manage your company’s data.
We help you find where your data is vulnerable.

Discover Potentially Dangerous Transmission Paths

We help medium-sized, network-dependent companies discover vulnerabilties in their networks. Even a modest Data Exfiltration audit of a subnetwork of 1000 IP addresses (nodes) can reveal potentially dangerous transmission paths already running within your network.

Validate Ongoing Security Audits (Such as PEN testing)

HOPZERO’s Data Exfiltraion Audit can be used to provide a simple, effective validation of ongoing external security audits, like Penetration Test Audits (Pen testing). We can reveal exactly where such incoming attack audits were able to exploit weaknesses, as well as where they were not able to penetrate.

Bring "Sanity" Back to the Threat Dashboard

HOPZERO can provide an advance set of tools in a fraction of both the time and cost of any other available alternative today. We help bring sanity back to the “threat dashboard”.


Secure your Data using HOPZERO

“HOPZERO’s Data Exfiltration Audit really brought sanity back to our threat dashboard!”

Clement Yee, IT Director @ Greenzat, Inc.

Discover network weaknesses using HOPZERO

“The traffic profiles we got for every network endpoint showed there were more holes than we thought.”

Adelade McCallister, VP Intelligence @ Profitaid



Augment existing security policies using HOPZERO

“Our SIEM infrastructure became 24.8% more efficient with HOPZERO.”

Sam Wilkins, CTO @ Wigg Industrial


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The Team

Bill Alderson


Network General (IPO), PMG NetAnalyst (acquired by NetQoS/CA Technologies). Technology Officer, Major Accounts. 9/11 Pentagon Responder. Assisted 75 of Fortune 100, Government, and Military.


Jim Rounsville

VP Prof Svcs

Network Management Corp CEO, large-scale network services, data center design, critical infrastructure security.

What makes you so special?

Nothing. Except for the fact we offer a ground-breaking approach to network security.

Who are you guys anyway?

We have experience both as network analysts, since the inception of the Internet, as well as datacenter design experts. We understand the pratical needs of an organization, as well as the vital interests of a security team.

What results will I actually get?

A precise look at your network vulnerabilities. Even our lowest-tier product, the Data Exfiltration audit, can reveal 99% of all unsafe transmissions in your organization.

How much does it cost?

Minimum Audit costs are far below the industry average for similar types available today. Our current minimum Audit is priced at just $15K, and can be easily scaled to meet larger enterprise-grade environments.

How quickly will I see results?

We guarantee our Audit to be up and running, and produces meaningful results within 30 days of implementation.

Are there any long-term contracts?

***I don’t know the answer to this.

How do I present this to my team?

Explain that this is not a “new” technology. HOP count limits have been used to keep BGP routers safe for 30 years. We’re simply leveraging that capability with your data.

What does this integrate with?

***Everything. Including Windows 95.

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