HOPZERO Corporation Develops New Security Control Technology To Protect Computers From Foreign And Domestic Hackers

HOPZERO Has Developed “Hop Sphere Radius Security” Improving Security By Limiting Data Packet Transmission Distance

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 15, 2017

HOPZERO Corporation has created “Hop Sphere Radius Security” that will act as an intelligent control system to analyze the data sessions of servers to determine the appropriate sphere and distance data can traverse across private and public networks. This system will protect devices from exposure to billions of potential attacks by hackers and malicious malware even if there is no firewall in place. HOPZERO provides a new layer of distance based security protection to work in conjunction with all other methods adding a significant benefit by limiting how far sensitive data may travel.

Limiting a device hop radius forces communications to remain on its own wire, a single data center, the internal network or to a limited range or sphere of communications on the Internet. This effectively limits network access from 100% to 1% of the Internet. Even stolen credentials outside the protected server’s sphere never get a login prompt, obviating attacks.

Sensitive devices can be protected from internal or external threats by setting the sphere size automatically. Web servers can be restricted to a locality, a region or a country. Any network device can be restricted to a safe zone even if a firewall does not exist or malfunctions.

HOPZERO plans to develop protections for any type of network device including Internet of Things (IoT) devices that have unrestricted Internet access making them vulnerable to malicious attack and as back doors to the Internet.

“We are automating to bring it to thousands of systems. We believe we have found the solution that everyone has been looking for that will significantly protect our government, businesses, homes and personal devices from hackers and malicious malware.” Said Bill Alderson, HOPZERO Founder & CEO.

“This is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly.” Said Dr. Harry Saal. Dr. Saal is former Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Founder Network General, creator of the Sniffer Network Analyzer.

According to Ben Haley, former Research Director at NetQoS, firewalls control access, while HOPZERO controls distance.

Products are going into development. Hop Sphere Radius feasibility studies are occurring for Fortune 100, government and other environments in Washington D.C., Austin, Silicon Valley and Sacramento, CA.

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