HOPZERO: A New Security Company Enables Data Travel Limit Technology

Firewalls Limit Data Access, While HOPZERO Limits Data Travel Distance To Protect Millions Of Networks From Compromise

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 15, 2017

Internationally renowned network analyst Bill Alderson announced the launch of HOPZERO Inc. The company’s technology addresses internal and external threats to high value databases and systems, including IOT Internet of Things from opening the door to new threats. According to some industry experts, the company will redefine the security landscape and improve connectivity to create a more secure online environment.

Ben Haley, former Research Director at NetQoS in Austin, Texas says “Firewalls control access, HOPZERO controls distance.”

“We started this company to deny access before compromise can occur, by limiting how far data may travel.” Said Bill Alderson while announcing the mission of this company. “From cyber terrorists to international hackers, malware or viruses, our customers have serious threats, which we will solve with our newly patented security solutions.” He added.

“This is a nice and clean approach to reducing the exposure surface, and well worth implementing broadly.” Dr. Harry Saal said. Dr. Saal is former Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator, Founder Network General, and Creator of the Sniffer Network Analyzer.

Hop sphere radius studies have begun in Washington D.C., Austin and around Northern California’s Silicon Valley region.

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