HOPZERO Listed as one of govCIO’s “Top Law Enforcement Solution Providers”

HOPZERO announced today a key award won by our innovative data travel security service solution, the 2020 Top 10 Law Enforcement Solutions Providers.

govCIO recently sat down with our co-founder and CTO Bill Alderson. The technology magazine focuses on enabling smart governance by delivering in-depth information on CIO trends, challenges and opportunities. In the latest issue the spotlight was placed on companies transforming policing to better serve the public and catch criminals more competently.

Bill Alderson stated: “Our patented competitive advantage issuing network protocol theory packet mechanisms to control data at its source allowing us to limit what, where and how far information can travel, keeping data safe locally, so that remote criminals cannot access it.”

In the full interview, Bill Alderson shared his insights into how HOPZERO’s unique technology can work in tandem with existing IT infrastructure to monitor, analyze and detect threats 24/7.

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govCIO Outlook places HOPZERO as Top Law Enforcement Solution Providers 2020