HOPZERO Awarded Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Provider of 2020

HOPZERO, a global provider of data travel security solutions, announced today it was featured on Enterprise Security’s list of the “Top 10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers” for 2020.

In its 2020 Vulnerability Management edition, Enterprise Security selected the top 10 providers set to transform how companies defend their data fortresses from external and internal attack. In uncertain global times, organizations are increasingly adopting proactive digital security strategies for better vulnerability prevention, detection, and breach mitigation.

HOPZERO was among the 10 companies chosen by Enterprise Security because of its unique ability to limit how many devices can reach or be reached by a company’s most sensitive servers. Its an intelligent data control system that not only prevents data exfiltration, but identifies and destroys cyberattacks.

“Our forte lies in providing a robust security at the TCP/IP network layer that leverages protocol rules to limit how far data packets can travel while ensuring sensitive data is protected when all other security measures fail,” said Bill Alderson, co-founder and CTO of HOPZERO.

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Enterprise Security places HOPZERO in Top10 Vulnerability Management Solution Providers 2020