How Is Your Data Social Distancing?

Isolating your Data is Key to Server Health

Practice safe data social distancing

Reported cyber illnesses have ranged from mild phishing to severe ransomware and server death for confirmed cases of data exfiltration.

These symptoms may appear up to 200 days after hacker exposure.

  • Loss of data
  • Data Breach Liabilities
  • Systemic Compromise

How to Protect Your Organization

HOPZERO SaaS Auditor

Know How Your Data Spreads

Visualize DataTravel™

  • Easy to Use and Deploy
  • Internet & Private IP Locations Geo Mapped
  • Click, Sort & Filter Deep Security Research
HOPZERO Smart Session Recorder

Take Steps to Protect Your Data

Alarm DataTravel™ providing real-time actionable alarms allowing unattended operation and compliance with:

  • NIST
  • GDPR
  • PCI
  • DoD
  • all security standards
HOPZERO Sphere of Trust™ (SoT) Enforcer

Avoid Close Contact

Build your data Sphere of Trust™ and our patented Exfiltration Enforcer will prevent data from leaving that barrier.

Inside Sphere of Trust

  • Data Center Devices
  • Safe Communications
  • Vital Server Protection

Outside Sphere of Trust

  • User Insider Threats
  • Phish & Ransomware
  • Internet Risks
HOPZERO’s audits and proactive security solutions allow companies to protect their private data.
Cybercriminals can stay undetected for as much as 200+ days before they actually perform an exploit. Your job is to detect their presence and eradicate them from your servers and other hosts attempting to infiltrate your servers. You need a company with the tools to help you do just that. Risk can be prevented with the right tools.

A short 15 minute discovery session can show how this new patented DataTravel™ Security System can beat the status quo.