The Phish Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Protect Most-Sensitive Data Through Attack Surface Reduction

Phishing attacks can be thwarted and stopped with our cybersecurity system

Identify. Nullify. Destroy.

In this video you will learn to:

  • Keep your data safe, even if your firewall is compromised
  • Set a silent phish alarm to alert of a phishing attack
  • Identify phish machines and nullfiy — not just detect — the phish
Want to learn more?
71.4% of targeted attacks involved the use of spear-phishing emails.
Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2018

Train your people to NOT click on phish links? It helps, but does not fix.

Build an endless set of FIREWALLS? Phish get around them.

Block a seemingly-infinite number of EMAIL ADDRESSES? It only takes one.

Until you acquire actionable intel that renders phish impotent — information that can be turned over to law enforcement — you won’t be able to prevent exfiltration of your critical data.

With HOPZERO DataTravel™ Security complementing your existing security infrastructure, you can not only detect and eliminate phish but reduce your overall attack surface by 99.9%.

90% of incidences and breaches included a phishing element.
Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2017

Our technology stops (and eradicates) phishing attacks, stopping data exfiltration dead in its tracks.

One quick call can show how your golden server data can be easily audited, recorded and travel-enforced.