The Future of Cyber Security

Innovative application of internet protocols to secure critical data

How many hops does it take to expose your data to the world?

HOPZERO is a network security startup that limits data travel to prevent hackers from accessing machines or retrieving data from a datacenter. By preventing nefarious network connections, and blocking attempts to hack crown-jewel servers, HOPZERO keeps critical information inside an enterprise. This contrasts with most network security companies dedicated to keeping cyber-thieves “out” of a network.

HOPZERO accomplishes this by establishing a limit on the number of network hops (routers, firewalls and other devices) that data travels from one machine to another. This forms a “sphere of trust,” or a HOPsphere Security Radius, around a machine, which can be different for each machine, peer and network protocol.

HOPZERO keeps critical information inside an enterprise

If that limit is less than the distance to the edge of the data center or enterprise, information cannot be directly accessed or exfiltrated. In addition, HOPZERO monitors network traffic to detect attempts to breach the sphere of trust. Any attempt is automatically blocked by the network infrastructure and a descriptive, actionable alert is transmitted to the SIEM software.

The HOPZERO “Secret Sauce”

  • HOPZERO leverages existing capabilities of the Internet Protocol used by ALL communications on the Internet to prevent data theft. No other cybersecurity solution uses data lifespan to create a secure radius for data on the network.
  • HOPZERO complements existing network security tools. If a hacker breaches the firewall or obtains user credentials (both common occurrences today), they still cannot access critical systems unless they launch their attack within a tight network radius.
  • HOPZERO is protocol-independent. All traffic to and from servers is examined to see if the client is within the security perimeter. If not, the network blocks the data and triggers an alert. Hackers never receive a response.
  • HOPZERO has no performance impact on network speeds. Since hop limits are applied to data packets leaving critical servers, there is no overhead beyond normal network forwarding.

HOPsphere Radius Security is an exciting option that info security professionals can add to their arsenal. We hope you’ll join us in this journey to safeguard the wholesale raiding of the world’s most-precious data.

We hope you’ll join HOPZERO.