Does Your Crown-Jewel
Data Server
Speak Russian?

to Achieving Zero Attack Surface

As a member of a Fortune 500 security team, we know you need ONE MORE cyber security tool like you need a stick in the eye.

And if the current network security paradigm was working then we wouldn’t have created HOPsphere Radius Security, a unique endpoint security paradigm that proactively identifies data compromises and prevents undetected exfiltration.

But not only are the current offerings in the info security toolbox not safeguarding data consistently — its primary job — it’s also creating a myriad of other logistical nightmares:

  • Excessive micro-segmentation
  • Abundance of false alarms (which require their own set of AI tools to analyze)
  • Duplicated vulnerability (if you use one firewall six times, you have the same problem, six times)
  • Lack of a true “zero trust” strategy

What if the paradigm-shifting solution you needed wasn’t by adding more complexity and costly infrastructure to your existing defenses?

But, simply, to leverage the inherent TTL (or “Hop”) of your data packets to control which machines key servers communicate with?

In this FREE WHITEPAPER we lay out a roadmap for how Fortune 500 companies, like yours, can:

  • Tighten data radius
  • Reduce the amount of machines your key data servers communicate with
  • Make zero attack surface more realistic

Click below to get access to this ground-breaking info security whitepaper.

Because isn’t it time we started getting the upper-hand in the fight to safeguard the world’s data?