HOPZERO Data Exfiltration Webinar

Essentials for Security Leadership & Senior Technologists

HOPZERO Data Exfiltration Webinar

Learn how to reduce attack surface by 99.9%
Every Friday 1:00 PM USA CDT
Join us for an overview of data exfiltration and a demo of the DataTravel™ Security System.
Join this live session to get your questions answered in real time by HOPZERO CTO Bill Alderson and learn how to detect and prevent data exfiltration on your most critical systems.

  • How you can see the threats of where data is traveling
  • How Policy Settings enable Exfiltration Detection
  • How to Prevent Exfiltration of the data hackers most desire
  • How to Catch a Phish, while never giving up the data

Attendees will receive a SecurityInstitute.com promo-code for DataTravel™ HOP Certification.

If you’re unable to join our weekly session, sign up below for an exclusive demonstration of the DataTravel™ security system.

Bill Alderson


Bill will talk about key security findings in Network Security since his early career with Lockheed as a Communications Analyst in the 1980’s, his work at then startup Network General (Sniffer, Now NetScout), Creating the NetAnalyst Forensic Network Security Program (3,000+ Certified) and formerly a NetQoS/CA Technology Officer.