Are Half of All U.K. Manufacturers the Victims of Cyber-Crime?

by | Network Security

Last week we participated at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. What an incredible conference!

Lots of great tools and vendors willing to partner/share information.

Yet only days after RSA, we are greeted with the discouraging news that nearly half of all U.K. manufacturers have been bit by cyber-attack.

As detailed in this important story from — and referencing a report commissioned by the EEF, a U.K. manufacturing organization — most British manufacturing companies believe cyber-related attacks are likely to only “deepen and broaden with increasing digitization.”

In fact, most startling is this candid admission, from nearly half the companies polled, that they don’t believe they currently possess the tools (or knowledge) to combat future threats.

To quote the story:

“More than four in 10 manufacturers do not believe they have access to sufficient information to confidently assess their specific risk, and 45% are not confident they are prepared with the right tools for the job.”

I recommend you take a look at this most-timely post. This is a problem we can all work together to solve. The talent and intelligence arrayed to address this issue is incredible. Let’s make it happen!

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